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The “Rounding Fractional Shares” Promotion


Dear friends!

As you may know, many partners were left with fractional complimentary shares after the “Big Packages of Shares” promotion concluded. Due to numerous requests from leaders we are pleased to announce a special promotion that allows for partners to round their fractional shares on great terms.

Conditions of the promotion: 

The amount of complimentary shares gets rounded to the nearest whole number (upward) when purchasing any business package during the validity period of the promotion!

Calculation example:

A partner has 10,1 (10,3; 10,8 and etc..) shares — when completing the conditions of this promotion the amount of shares gets rounded to 11.

Please note: this promotion does not apply to sponsors, shares are rounded only for buyers of packages.

Validity period of the promotion: January 18- March 1 of 2020.

Take advantage of this time to maximize profitable purchases and share this information with your partners and beginners!

Gem4me: earn with us!

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